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Baseball Batting Testimonials

Here are just a few of the many positive feedback Mike has

received from his baseball batting lessons

"The difference in a year with your swing is incredible. The power my son now generates is shocking. My son is only 12 years old and he hit the ball off a top eighth grade pitcher 360 feet off the fence in dead center field. Coaches and parents went nuts because they couldn't believe how much power he now has. This is all thanks to you. Your swing is by far better than anything else being taught and it just keeps getting better and better". The results have been amazing. Louie Moore


Mike, the swing you teach is head and shoulders better than anything else being taught, anywhere. March of 2013 my son's Little League team brought in a "hitting guru" for 2 weeks that taught them to "swing down, fast hands and twist the hips, the same bad cues everyone teaches. The High School coach and other coaches told us he needed to swing faster to get better. Instead, his hitting got so bad we were ready to quit baseball. Thank goodness for you. It's changed our lives, he is a much better hitter thanks to you. With your swing he became the most powerful hitter in St. Albans Little League history hitting a record 22 home runs and batted over .750 while weighing only 90 lbs.

In Middle School he batted over .700 and hit the ball even harder. After one game the opposing coach came over and told me Wes put on the most impressive display of power he had ever seen from any hitter. This year before his freshman year even started he played with the High School, on the Varsity Team, in the summer league and led the team in hitting by far with a .680 average. You are the only one teaching this swing and that is why he now hits the ball with much more power and a higher average than anyone. The swing is easy to learn, you just have to work at it and the results are amazing.

Mike, we now know that anyone who tells a hitter to swing down, stay back, twist their hips, fast hands etc. has absolutely no idea about the best way to teach hitting. You took a kid that loved baseball but couldn't hit, compounded by what we were taught wrong previously and you made him into a better hitter by far with tremendous power. Our first lesson I just wanted you to get my son to hit the ball out of the infield, you said with this swing he can be a powerful hitter everyone talks about. You are so right. Again the swing you teach is head and shoulders better than anything being taught. We owe this all to you, thanks again, Gary Medley 


I wanted to thank you for such an amazing turnaround in Trey's hitting and confidence. We came to your cages last year to work on his swing because he wasn't hitting anything. I am thankful you noticed this and talked to me about lessons. You said he was swinging with his arms and you would get him to swing with his body, that I wouldn't believe the results. After the second lesson he was hitting so much better. You said it would keep getting better and you were right it is now like night and day to where he was at before. This year he is hitting above .800 more than halfway through the season and he is hitting the ball so hard almost every time up to bat. We are so excited with the results. Thanks again Brad Ritchie


My sons new swing is blowing our coaches minds. He hit first in our first practice four weeks ago. His first swing he fouled it back and the coach said you need to swing faster than that. My son smiled and the next pitch he hit the ball 5 feet from the fence. Both coaches couldn't believe it. They thought it was a fluke. The next swing he hit the fence, he looked so effortless. They asked where did you learn that and I said from Mike Sedberry. The rest of practice everyone tried to hit it as far as my son, they swung hard like the coaches teach them and not one of them even hit it within 40 feet of the fence. The next practice they had him hit last and everyone again swung hard and one hit out of ten batters landed 20 feet from the fence. My son got up and the first swing he hit a shot that the shortstop jumped out of the way. The next swing he hit a ball 20 feet from the fence in left center. Every parent in the stands was now watching my son hit. The next swing he hit the fence. I had 3 dads want to know where he learned the swing. I told them we have been working hard on your swing for 4 months and it has done wonders for his hitting and confidence. In 2 tournaments he is hitting around .500 and has 2 home runs and 2 off the fence. His new power and higher average is making everyone scratch their heads because he is so effortless. We owe this all to your swing, Tom B.


Mike, I have played and coached baseball for over 20 years. I have been to many baseball clinics and worked with High School and College coaches to learn how to teach hitting. I learned from everyone the same 4 things, stay back, twist the hips, fast hands and swing down. I was teaching my youngest son all of these and he was making contact but had no power. I wanted him to twist and swing faster for more power but then he made contact less often. I brought him in for a lesson 3 months ago hoping you could reinforce these 4 things. When I told you what I was teaching him you said lets look at his swing now compared to the very best hitters like Griffey Jr., Votto and Trout. I couldn't believe the difference. Everything I had learned from the clinics and all the coaches was wrong.

My son's swing looked better after the first lesson with you than it has in the 7 years he has played. I learned more from you about hitting in 1 hour than the hundreds of hours I spent in clinics and with the other coaches. The swing you teach blows my mind. Every time we come in for a lesson I shake my head because he keeps getting better and better. In 3 months my son is hitting the ball so much better and with good power. I am amazed at the difference. I wish we found you before I learned all of those wrong things. We owe you so much, Ted B.


The last 4 weekends have been a real eye opener in your batting cages. My son is a Junior and was getting lessons the last 2 years from someone everybody said to go to. We learned swing down, fast hands, stay back and twist the hips. We came to your place to practice in the batting cages and my son was hitting good. After 3 rounds another kid and his dad came in. When he hit his first round, our mouths fell open, he hit the ball harder than anyone we had ever seen. His swing was different, so effortless. I asked his dad where he learned to hit like that and he pointed to you in the lesson room. We found out he was a Freshman and only weighed 140 lbs. His dad said 3 years ago he had no power because they had learned the same things we were. They said your swing gave him much more power and a higher average. As they took turns hitting my son was swinging twice as hard to hit the ball half as hard as his son. We left amazed with his power and consistency.

The next weekend we came in, your wife said you would be out of a lesson in 30 minutes. We hit a couple rounds in the cages and again he hit well. A kid came in and his dad said hit a few rounds before your lesson. We watched him hit and again our mouths fell open. He crushed the ball with the same smooth swing. I asked his dad where he learned to hit like that and he pointed to you. I asked what high school he played at, he laughed and said he was only 12 years old. He told me last year he barely hit the ball out of the infield because they were learning fast hands, twist the hips, stay back, swing down, etc. He said your swing is why he had so much power and a much higher batting average. Again, as they took turns hitting, my son was swinging twice as hard to hit the ball half as hard as a 12 year old, a 12 year old. We set up a lesson for the next weekend.

You first video taped him hitting. You showed us his swing compared to Ken Griffey Jr. and Mike Trout. We couldn't believe the difference. Everything he had been learning they didn't do in their swing. Then in the next half hour we learned more about hitting, that made sense, than everything we heard during his 8 years of playing and lessons put together. At the end of the lesson he was hitting the ball harder than ever. You gave us 2 drills to work on and he was so excited he did them almost 60 minutes each day. The next lesson he was so happy you could tell he had been working on the drills. You threw to him so he could start practicing the new swing with live pitching. When he did his old swing he never once hit the ball hard. When he did your swing he hit line drives harder than ever before. We couldn't believe the difference. It's easy to see between the two swings, yours is smooth and his old one is fast and jerky. I could tell what a huge difference your swing will make for him. I want to thank your 2 students, their dads and you for this amazing change in my sons swing. Brent M.


The swing you teach is truly amazing. We started working with you last summer because my son was batting ninth on his travel team and wasn't having fun hitting .225 with no power. The coach said to go to someone else but they taught the same thing everyone else did and it wasn't working. Thankfully, we found you. The first lesson you showed us everything we were learning was why he was struggling so much. We worked on your swing all winter and spring. I couldn't wait till the team started practice. The first practice he hit the ball harder and farther than anyone. The coach came over and said he really put on a hitting show today but he looked like he was swinging slower, he needed to stay back more and swing faster. I told him and everyone else in hearing distance the reason my son put on a show is he is doing the opposite of everything we had been learning and that Mike Sedberry's swing is the reason he is hitting so much better.

He put on a show this year in the games too. When he did your swing he was the best hitter on the team. A couple tournaments he did stay back and swung faster but that is when he struggled. It is easy to see the difference when he does your swing and when he swings faster. Both times we came back in and you fixed him and he had great tournaments after that. Your swing has changed everything for him. Dave R.


Mike, I have taken my son and nephew to many lessons with 3 hitting coaches in the last 3 years everyone said to go to. They all taught the same things: stay back, swing down, fast hands, twist your hips, etc... The kids weren't getting better. I was ready to give up on finding someone that wasn't in it for the money, but could actually dissect a kid's swing or pitching motion and compare it to the best MLB players to see what they do differently. I called you and talked extensively on your approach to hitting and pitching and thought "wow", this guy gets it. I thought we can drive the 3 hours one way from Frankfort, Ky. and give you a chance.

The first thing you said was "let's throw some batting practice and see where they are". You recorded the whole thing and we went into your office and started breaking it down so they could see what they are doing verses what the best MLB players do. We could see that everything we had learned was wrong. You showed us what we were going to work on and it made much more sense. We worked on it for 2 hours Saturday. We came back Sunday and put in another 3 hours before going home. The first day you asked them if they believed swinging easier could hit the ball harder. My son said "no". We all laughed. The difference in their swings from Saturday to Sunday was amazing. As we were leaving, my son said: I need to tell him I do believe what he said now.

After that first weekend the boy's improved dramatically almost overnight. They practiced more and more and kept asking me when we were going back. I told them they needed to get the first step down. They worked hard and we came back again for step two a month later. After step two, they both hit home runs the next week. It was my son's 3rd and my nephew's 1st and they have continued to hit the ball harder each week. I know they still have 3 more steps to learn, I can't wait to see how much more they will improve. I've never seen them this fired up to practice. You have a special gift of making this hard thing seem simple and a great way of getting thru to young kids. My only complaint is that I didn't find you sooner! If your son/daughter is struggling with their swing or pitching at all, give Mike a call and give him a try. I bet you will regret not doing it sooner. Thanks, Jeff Rutledge

UPDATE: We played in a big tournament this past weekend with all the big Lexington and Louisville baseball school's. We faced the best pitching from first game to last game that I've ever seen. Dominant pitching every game and Trent only made 1 out all weekend and that was a laser hit to left field. Coach had left fielder on fence when he came up. I told him he hit it too hard, kid had to catch it or get hurt. He was 8 for 9 with 5 walks and 1 hit by pitch. Your swing is amazing. Jeff Rutledge   


We are excited to have finally found a hitting coach that is helping make my son be a much better hitter. My son and I have been to at least 5 hitting coaches and 2 high level travel teams with hitting coaches that played in college and in the pro's. Even though he was getting instruction from everyone my son was wasn't getting better. All the coaches kept saying he needed to twist his hips faster and faster hands to hit the ball harder. I know he is a good athlete and he is strong but he keeps hitting weak ground balls and pop ups. The dad of our best hitter told me they go to you. He said he wouldn't be hitting near as well without your help.

We did the video lesson and you showed us why he had little power, it was because he was doing everything he had been taught. Then you showed us his swing beside 3 MLB hitters. Everything they did in their swing was the exact opposite of what everyone else had been telling us. We were excited to see we found someone teaching the swing of the top MLB hitters. In the first lesson after only 20 minutes his swing looked smoother and the sound of the ball coming off the bat was different. He started hitting line drives. That was four months ago and he is now the second best hitter on the team. We have been working hard on your drills and he has raised his average 120 points in the last month. The last game he hit a 275 foot bomb for a home run and everyone went crazy. One dad said where did that come from and I said from his swing. I wish we would have found you much sooner. What you teach in hitting is head and shoulders above anything else we have seen. Mike, we owe this all to you. Thanks so much, John W.


I have to say you have totally turned my son around with his hitting and confidence. We have been to 4 other hitting coaches and they all taught the same thing, swing down, stay back, fast hands, twist the hips etc. We were ready to quit baseball because he wasn't having fun hitting .150 and only getting to hit 1 to 2 times a game. We have worked with you 1 month and I see a big change. First of all you teach almost the opposite of everyone else but you seem like the only one that understands hitting. Your way makes sense. You are the first person to show us how Mike Trout, Ken Griffey Jr. and Joey Votto swing the bat and start teaching us what they do. I saw a difference in the first lesson.

My son has gone from rarely hitting the ball to hitting it almost every time up. The last tournament he hit the ball all 10 at bats and had 6 hits, the best on the team. On our way home he said when are we going back to Mike I want to learn the next step. I wish we would have found you sooner and I am going to tell everyone to call Mike Sedberry and start improving now.

Thanks, Jeff C.


Mike, Jacob has learned so much from you as well as me! I know now what to look for in hitting and your help has made Jacob an awesome hitter! Jacob is I mean killing the ball with your technique. No more weak ground balls, now mostly line drives and to the fence hits. You (hitters) can keep doing it wrong and be frustrated or get Mike to show you what you need to do in a very easy to understand way. Yes practice is still needed but at least your going in the right direction. We have had other hitting coaches but Mike was the one who made it happen for us. Do your Kid and yourself a big favor let Mike work with your player and the game will become much more fun. Now when he steps to the plate they yell BIG HITTER and move back. WE love Par four !!!!!

Thanks Robert A.


Last year my son and I watched a baseball game that two hitters hit the ball so hard and seemed to barely swing the bat. Their swings were completely different from everyone else. Everyone else swung hard, like my son, and didn't hit the ball nearly as hard. I asked the two dads where they learned this and they said from Mike Sedberry. I knew I needed to talk to you.

We had been to so many instructors and camps that taught the same thing I believed that was the way to hit. I looked at your site and all the things that you say not to do is what we were learning. I am so glad we came to see in, you have turned his career around. My son had never had much power even though he swung very hard. We couldn't believe the difference in your swing and what we had been doing. We immediately got excited and have enjoyed working with you this winter.

His first game he went 3 for 4 with a triple into the gap in right center and everyone wanted to know the bat we were using because he had so much more power. I said it wasn't the bat it was the swing. The next game he hit one that short hopped the fence and again went 3 for 4. The first thing he said after the game was can we go see Mike tomorrow. He said "I am only on step 2 and I want to get to the next step so I can hit home runs". He is so confident now. I can't wait to see how good this gets.

Thank You, James N.


My son has always been a good contact hitter but I felt something was missing. I thought maybe that it was just because I'm dad teaching him that it wasn't getting through. Things like, have quick hands, twist the hips and squish the bug with his back foot. I decided to bring him to you and get my way of hitting through to him. Boy was I wrong. After sitting through that first lesson I was shocked to see how powerful your method of hitting was. I soon realized that everything I taught my son has been hurting his power rather than helping it. That was a year ago for his first lesson. Today he has a swing that catches the eye of the crowd.

He had never played on a travel team or any select team of any kind just little league and your lessons. He was one of three sixth graders to make the middle school team, and the coach says he hits like a tank. His confidence has went through the roof and his at bats are getting noticed. It is very hard to break old habits I taught him but your patience with him has paid off. The time you guys have together is always a joy to watch. I can't wait to see how much further he is in the next six months. Thank you for all you do.

Lewis M.


You provide the best and most common sense lessons I have ever witnessed. I had been taking my son to another instructor that kept telling him to swing harder and a couple other hitting cues you said not to do on your website. He had little power, wasn't hitting the ball consistently, looked jerky and sometimes would sting his hands.

When we came in you said he was actually doing what we had learned and that was casing the problems. I couldn't believe the difference in the first lesson. My son had more power and looked so much smoother. The second lesson he was hitting live pitching better than I have ever seen. I am so amazed in the difference this has made in his hitting and confidence. We can't wait to come back in and learn the next step.

Thank you, Jeff M.


We can't believe the difference you have made in our sons pitching and hitting this year. When Steven started he couldn't throw very hard and his arm would get sore after just 2 or 3 innings. Your video lesson showed us we were working on the wrong things we had been taught and watched on You Tube. Each week I see so much progress in the lessons and it seems like each game he pitches he gets even better. The last game he gave up 2 hits and had 12 strikeouts in 6 innings and his arm wasn't sore.

His hitting is also so much better thanks to you. He had no power and just connecting with the ball was tough. Again the video lesson showed we were working on the wrong things. The way you show how to use the body is so unique and the results are amazing. Last weekend he was asked to be in a tournament with older kids, he was very nervous because the pitchers throw harder than he was used too. I told him to do just what Mike has taught you. He batted over .500 and was so excited because he got the game ball for the championship game because he knocked in the tying run and winning runs. He wanted to call you that night. Thanks again!! Carl T.


I have been playing baseball since I was five years old and all through Little League I struggled hitting. I was always in the eighth or ninth hole in the lineup. We found out Mike was doing lessons at Par Four. I started working with Mike around 2008. Ever since then my swing has done nothing but improve. My High School career batting average was .460. My junior year I hit .500 and led the team in RBI's and was hitting champ of the year. My senior year I hit .450 and was second on the team with most RBI's. Because of my success hitting, I am going to be playing baseball at a Division 3 school in Lancaster, Pa.

Mikes program and what he teaches really works. Your swing will always be improving. If it was not for Mike helping me with my hitting I probably would not be playing college baseball. He helped me achieve my dream. Thank you Mike for helping me and continuing to help me improve in the game of baseball.

Chad Williams


Mike, I want to thank you for the amazing difference you made with my son Noah. Last year he hit only one home run with few extra base hits and was one of the bottom two hitters on his team. This year was almost the opposite he hit five home runs with way more extra base hits and was one of the best hitters in the league. He also batted .500 in All Stars this year. Other parents have been coming up to congratulate me on how well he is hitting. Even after a few games the umps came over to tell me they couldn't believe how much better a hitter he has become.

What impresses me most is each lesson your ability to analyze his swing, determine what needs improvement and how you develop a custom plan to make the changes. I can't believe how much this has helped my son. What also sets you apart is your patience and ability to motivate kids. You rock! Steve Burton


I want to give a shout out to Mike Sedberry, thanks for all the help you have given my 10 year old son with his hitting. After just one week of lessons he hit his first home run, I was so excited I didn't stop smiling all night.

You helped him with switch hitting and now he hits the ball consistently from both sides of the plate. In all stars he even had 10 hits in 12 at bats. Every time we come in he gets even better. The changes you have made in his hitting have been amazing. I also hope you will think about starting a catching camp.

Thanks Mike. George H


I want to tell you I can't believe the difference your batting lessons have been for Jacob. When we came to you he was hitting nothing. The other lessons we had gone to told us he was stepping out and he needed faster hands to speed the bat up. You told me that was going to make him worse.What you showed us has completely turned him around. He is now hitting the ball so hard and even hit his first home run. Another mother asked where did that come from and I said it was from you. When he came off the field he said we need to call Mike and tell him. Thank you so much, Jacob now has so much confidence. Betty


It has been so much fun watching the change in my sons swing. One month ago I noticed another player hitting the ball so much harder than I remembered. His dad told me he was taking lessons with you. I was skeptical because we have had many lessons and everyone taught pretty much the same thing. It seemed Jacob would hit worse after lessons and then get frustrated and go back to hitting like before. I am glad we called, your lessons are so unique and I am so excited with the fast results. Last night Jacob two hard line drives to the fence and also hit a ground rule double off one of the best pitchers in the league. Parents from our team and even the other team wanted to know what bat he was using. I said it is the same bat as last year but it is a completely different swing. I am trying to get the whole team to come see you. Matt


Mike, you said it would be an amazing difference when Conner learned how to use the bat the right way. I call it a mind-boggling difference. Last year he had little confidence and if he had one hit in a game it was great. This year he has 16 hits in 19 at bats, his only 3 outs were hit hard but right at someone. Now when the game is on the line he wants to be the one up to bat, and even the parents in the stands want to see him up to bat in these situations. He has so much confidence in himself now both on the field and even off the field you can see the positive change. Thanks for everything, we will be back. Ron


I Want to thank you again for being such a positive influence for Wesley. Last year we came into your batting cages because he wasn't hitting a thing and we thought that you might help. You said he could become a much better hitter by just using the bat correctly. After some lessons it made a tremendous difference and he had a great season even knocking in the winning run in the state tournament. This year after a few more lessons, wow, I can't believe, he now has nine home runs so far this season and he is hitting the ball so hard it is great. We owe all the thanks to you. Gary M.


Because of Mike's help, my son Austin, has made great advances in his hitting. The year before he came in for lessons, he was hitting an average of maybe .300 and had only two home runs. After taking lessons, from Mike, he had an amazing improvement with an average of .658 and nine home runs! The home runs were hard line drives that went way over the fence. Thanks to Mike, Austin now has so much more confidence and is doing great, we will continue working with Mike. WE


The last two years, my son Peter, has been taking lessons with Mike. Before the lessons, Peter was hitting .350 and was striking out 1 out of 6 at bats, and had never hit a home run. The first year with lessons, Peter hit .570 and hit with much more power and even hit two home runs in one game.

The second year he played for the middle school and faced better pitching, he hit .550 and hit with even more power. He is hitting mostly hard line drives and only strikes out 1 out of 18 times. Most importantly, Peter now approaches each at bat, with confidence that he will hit the ball hard. We look forward to working with Mike as Peter goes into high school. Andrew T.    


Your video lesson totally just blew us away. The video analysis of my child's swing yielded instant feedback and recommendations for a fix. My son is a power hitter in a many month's long slump and the frustration was mounting (both of us). He practiced what Mike had recommended for approximately five days and then hit two monster home runs in a single tournament. Mike's feedback was only addressing the first part of my son's swing! I am surprised the lessons my son has had to date have not focused on the things that Mike exposes. A common sense approach to one of the most difficult things to do well in sports.

Sincerely, Vince in Oklahoma


My son, Ryan, had just moved up a league and was having problems hitting the better pitching. He had no hits in seven games and mostly strike outs or ground balls. I was talking with Mike, at Batter Up, and he said he could change his power source and we would love the results. I signed Ryan up for a couple of lessons that week, and the next two games he had two hits each. We took two more lessons the next week and in the last 15 games he hit over .500 and had seven home runs. We love the results and look forward to working more with Mike. Thanks for everything. Bob D.


Wow, I can't believe what has been happening. My son Josh was having a rough spring and his coach suggested to come in and see you and make sure to do a video that I would be amazed with the results. I am so glad we came in to see you, in just 3 lessons he has completely changed. We do the drills you gave us every day and the results have been amazing. In the last 5 games he has hit 6 home runs and is hitting over .600. After the last game I thanked the coach for telling us about you and I want to thank you.

Steve W.


Mike, I want to thank you for how much you have helped Alex. Like I told you, we have been to clinics, camps and other individual instructors in order to help Alex get better. In three lessons with you he has improved more than the last three years together. You were right, you do teach different from anyone we have seen, but your results of improvement is fantastic. He has moved from eighth in the order to third. He is now hitting the ball so much harder and is hitting many more hard line drives, just like you said he would. I can't believe how quickly this has happened. Thanks and we can't wait to continue working with you during the off season and see how much more we can progress.